problems leaving ITALY. . | Rome, Italy | VLOG 515 – Rome Video

published: 2019-06-11 15:40:04

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Q & A Just few common questions I get asked a lot.

Whats your name? Luke Fitzgerald

Where do you live? France

How tall are you? 6 ft 8 or 2’02 for those of you all here overseas

Where do you work? I play Professional Basketball here in Europe

How many languages can you speak? French, English, Spanish (working on getting better at spanish) and a little German

What made you start Youtube? You all!! I wanted to find a way to express myself more and to share my world with you!

Any other questions you have, feel free to ask me 🙂

Are you still reading?? Seriously? Haha your awesome!! Thanks for taking the time to do that! 🙂

Watch the original Rome Video here

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  1. a luke have you been to bari , italy?

  2. Hey I’m a new subscriber, you seem like a really cool dude! Keep up the vlogs bro!

  3. Love this post. You documented some of the challenges of travel as well as how it feels to be dropped into a new place. This is a great post for anyone that feels anxious about travelling without a structured itinerary. Excellent.

  4. Already leaving? I discovered your channel one hour ago and I watched your previous vlog in Rome…I was hoping you would have visited Milan!
    Ps. Love your hat, go Cowboys

  5. I aspire to make travel videos like you when I get to Korea

  6. Thanks for keeping it real about travel mishaps!

  7. I love Ryan Air. Love your videos 👌🏾

  8. I like your movies Luke .You're very positive and nice guy . Hope to see you in Cracow , Poland 🙂

  9. That railway station looks very familiar, I was in Bratislava in 2012.

  10. Glad ur safe bro thought you were gonna wind up in a hostel situation your proof that I dont have to worry about getting my organs stolen by hot European girls.

  11. Yeah mate Slovakians are peaceful and joyfull nation , so u'll find very relaxing stayin there for couple of days, have to test slavaks cousine they got specialities some of as in Pol and Czech.

  12. Slovakia is a sweet little country :))

  13. To travel alone can be great often but it looks super boring sometimes too.

  14. Respect to Italy! Love from Poland! 🙂

  15. The music at the beginning was giving me anxiety. New subscriber!!!

  16. "bed number F that's me" …..time for someone to get some rest lol.

  17. I'm that traveler who rushes to wait. I don't like the feeling of being anxious or panicked so I leave for airports and bus stations earlier. Enjoy Slovakia. I may do a day trip there this summer

  18. Close call but hey it ended well. Enjoy Bratislava!

  19. Luke, next time in Rome take the bus. They have better connections to the airports 🙂

  20. Hey great vids! Keep it up. go to Florence Italy 🙂


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