Total War Attila | Western Roman Empire | Rome’s Resurrection | 217 – Rome Video

published: 2019-02-11 12:00:04

This time we’re sticking with Latin Christianity… while undoubtably we’ll be poorer, we should also be far more stable. Also, this just feels like how it was “meant” to be played. Attila gets bonuses against Christians, choice of economy Vs stability, and the gradual erosion of the classical Roman technologies.

In the last campaign with Western Rome, we experimented with Paganism. While a worthy goal, the gameplay was horrific. Endless uprisings, endless battles with the same few units against the same few units. It got boring fast.

Having sung the praises of Total War Attila for some time now, its time to put up and show it off for real. Here, we’re playing as the late Western Roman Empire. Barbarians are very much at the gates, and every battle is a struggle against overwhelming odds. Not only our borders are at risk, however, internal disputes are rife, starvation is rampant and our armies are small and widely dispersed. It certainly seems like the end. Is it?

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Watch the original Rome Video here

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  1. Jesus christ!
    How many hours do you have in this game?

  2. In Hunnic Europe, mercenaries pay the army.

  3. Now that I think about it people back then must have been really grumpy.
    "Oh, you build an amoury in our town." -8 po
    "Oh you build industry and gave us jobs." -X po
    All they wanted to do is work farms and have governors estates.


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