America is Rome/1800’s -Tartarians are American Mudflood Fake (mirror) – Rome Video

published: 2019-01-31 20:44:21

America is Rome/1800’s -Tartarians are American Mudflood Fake (mirror)
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  1. Cheers Ocasio-Cortez!

    Nobody can say it perfectly anymore, but we all know we have to do something immediately.

    The government is rogue, but she is right about Technology. The greedy oil companies and military industrial complex want to bury her because she knows how they are. And how they profit from such evil. And we know Ocasio got desperate, when she said she had )ewish background, cuz she knows they don't want her trying to save their next war fodder!

    Latin Americans' downfall are their love for the relic, automotive industry and the combustible engine. It's their "Achilles' heel". And the other nations know it. Look at China, India and Russia. They have billions of more people. And they're dilligently working on Bullet Trains. The "New Silk Road" China through Africa. Employing millions of people. Bullet trains. At speeds reaching 300+ mph. The West is a logistical nightmare. For People, Goods, and Services, without Bullet Trains our infrastructure is doomed.

    The wars for control of oil, The vendettas for immediate "Environmental Damage", the poisoned "food chains", sickening of mankind and their inevitable shortened lives. As well as its long term affect.

    Awkwardly worded, perhaps. But taken in context her meaning was reasonably clear.

    NASA is a fraud. Yet Amy Goodman still perpetuates their lies as well as Noam Chomsky including 911. These 2 deceptive rats, there are plenty of people who have been wanting clean renewable energy since Nikola Tesla envisioned it for mankind over 100+years ago, it was these )ew rats&their bankers who supressed the knowledge so )ew Warburg bankers could control it. Yes, look at NASA fraud…

    Now you can see that these Pro-Sports Players are "bought and sold" and paid to be deceitful agents for these evil people. They are indoctrinated into lying to your children and made to appear as role models. Anybody that falls for this sh*t needs adult supervision!

    Steph says he was joking about the moon landing comments he made — and he will happily accept NASA's invitation to tour the lunar lab in Houston.

    These warmongers have made our people stupid. They turned them into desperate drug addicts, for oil and sloth.

    For almost all of my life, I have spent very little time watching TV, but the opposite is true for listening to music. Because I know we are vibrational and there is a lot of bad noise, to remedy with music that is good.

    These cars whizzing by, and the weight of all its metal on Earth. And all the machinery for drilling and pumping the oil from the ground beneath us, just to continue this unnecessary system of extracting the Earth's blood.  And of course the wars it requires. Always, our best source is the Sun. The earth is for growing our food. It is Natural Law.

    Like Birds and Sea Life, sonically, we are fuck*ng ourselves.

    They Sold Our Children Out. The "Chosen Ones" Usury Merchant Class Societies
    These people are trying to escape the mess they made. They didn't do this for you!

    Eight Nations have been bombed to bits for Greater Israel in less than 2 decades.

    It's gimmicky at its core. Church members and whole food farmers converging in their places of worship and their market places, in their obtrusive, gas guzzling SUV's. Oil heisted from poisoned 'food chains' & slaughtered peoples homelands so Big Oil and Usury Banking's "Chosen Ones" can then deem them terrorists and not compensate them. And then they are free to steal their remaining natural resources. Current heist locales on the horizon, Venezuela, Canada's Native Indians, Middle East, even Fracking in Great Britain.

    You never hear these groups demanding to involve their societies to stop stealing the Earth's blood in critical mass. And that is what oil is. Most of us are conscious of Natural Law. That's why they put the most deceitful ones and the ones with lowest intelligence in positions of power. Because them and their pledges are content in soley being morally and spiritually bankrupted merchants.

    Not teaching their youth any new innovations. Now just creating grazing cattle and warring, "dumb, stupid animals" as "Chosen One" Henry Kissinger refers to them. And to surrender their will, so eventually they'll be readied for these societies governments' to concoct another war to continue this madness. And give their children as sacrificial offerings to their man-made Usury Gods, next up Latin American men to die in critical mass. Soon, 🎶"Where Have All The Latin Cowboys Gone?"🎶…

    In what world can a bunch of obsessed sports fans never strategize and question a msm📺, that repeats 1 word catch slogans, like 'boondoggle'. When it comes to building our own 1Belt1Road, like China through Africa. Only, North America through South America? They are preparing to collapse the West.

    This is political theater. No more Latins are wanted in "Studio 54-West". The other tribes are looking to reduce Latin population. Signs are everywhere. From border wall to Latins chasing each other down like dogs for the banks. For oil heist' profits, and relic infrastructure, a combustible engine 'car culture'. There is no "1Belt1Road" offer to the West, like China through Africa is creating. They are setting Latin people up for disaster.

    Establishment wants Latin numbers reduced. Sent off to be their next war fodder. U.S is like their tossed salad. I knew by the 1990's they were grooming Latin American men to die. With their love for cars and their relic combustible engine infrastructure. And petro would be the way to do it. Ocasio knows Hi-Tech would be the only thing to save her Latin people.

    Even Whoopi Goldberg wants Latins to sit down and shut up. Letting Ocasio-Cortez know that it's Latin men's turn to be sacrificed in critical mass…

    And her own party wants her to shut up and take their poison.

    Solar panels is not going to be enough to save Latin Americans. They must entirely rethink their relic, combustible, engine infrastructure. It's almost completely reliant on Asian Slave Labor & bombing and poisoning peoples' homelands and the vendettas are mounting..

    The other tribes are ready for the demise of Latins. Int'l "Chosen Ones" love it because they will profit tremendously from the Natural Resource heist and even more from the Military Industrial Complex profiteering. African Americans will love it because they have now become the overwhelming minority, in now Latin American cities. Gringos will love it because they were played out long ago, and many are just so angry now, they've been deceived into wars for over 250+years stateside for usury tribe' "Chosen Ones", their eugenics strategies. Time for some other tribes to step up and die. Asians will love it because they have been the largest Slavery Pool cultivated for the last 40+years. And they're ready to reap the benefits. Latins love it now. Because they get to drive a fast car for awhile. But "If blood and lust is the candy, then give what they want…"

    Latin Americans, take advantage of your current population numbers. Demand that we build our own Silk Road, North America through South America. This Asian Slave Labor and Oil confiscation of people's homelands comes at a very steep cost. Yes, vendettas are already being fomented. And you can be certain, just as with Asians, not many people are going to take the time to differeniate between Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, Mexican, Colombian, etc. Rise Up! Dream Big!

  2. "Patria" new documentary an NETFLIX…all that story n architecture…

  3. Hit everything on the head. You definitely have Bro Sanchez a bit misunderstood. He’s got his shit with him. He’s not as bad as u peg him to be

  4. They have lied to us about everything

  5. Flint my grandads house was made of it, in England we've been making and selling guns still today

  6. I have heard that Washington, DC was once named ROME and that it is set on seven hills.

  7. Athens Georgia…and this was ancient world JERUSALEM was here ALSO WE WERE ENSLAVED in our own land

  8. FINDAP…these guys gave you a supreme shout out…respect…accknowledgment…me too…BRAVO!!!


  10. What is white? Who is white? Nordic people white? Is an olive skinned Italian white? Are brown-eyed Spanish people white? Does hair color and eye color dictate what whiteness is?

  11. Video is spinning around. must have pissed someone off.

  12. Go to Tartarian Architecture on Reddit. Free electrical power prior to WWI including airships. Minneapolis used to have a light rail system. African Americans are Indeginous. So are Whites and Asians. Natives too. All races were represented in Tartaria. Grande Tartary no joke Old World Order we're looking at. Look at SF. Polognia. Ethopia. Alaska had huge monument buildings too. Peace. Keep researching we all need to awaken. Golden Age has passed.

  13. Thanks buddy thats some good work right there intelligent on the right track and hopefully he can bridge the gap . I can tell by the way you speak you dont see colors like myself just people. Cant help but feel the divide is upon us thank you for the hard work

  14. I like how the caption said the buildings were made of plaster.

  15. Teachers are a great place to store your ice-pick when there is no ice to pick.

  16. Slavery encouraged miscegenation, which is why the racists wanted to get rid of it.

  17. Those in control are lying. doesn't this effect how we set the bible time table? My head is spinning,

  18. in my next video I explain exactly what your looking at. and it goes much much deeper than that. you see the cover story for this is slightly the tip of the iceberg! great video man!!

  19. U did say u was a moor right, they help Spain navigated getting to America.. an when they came it was Hell on Earth for the people. Wow..

  20. wtf are you talking about Greece (or as you say Greek land wtf?) that it's not even a country ? City inside of somwhere? What does that even mean? I agree that their history is very shady but you need some basic information before you record something like this.

  21. Hey the like button is broke……?

  22. Duke of Kent/Kentucky Fried Chicken. Will the real Jesus please stand up. I think you're right about most of it. 100% it's all a tangled world wide web.

  23. Is that is what is in the dome of the rock that has a rock inside that looks like the western states of the USA they are hiding

  24. ✴What about the mounds & pyramids built over here?( I'll wait)

  25. Now that's what I call turning the rig around when good analysis gives way to better. At the horse race track I can tell kindred souls and there's plenty of Moors to learn from there. I over heard a guy telling his Bro, television is the worse pernicious enemy to the working stiff, ever. More. RHO He's got you pegged for a real good guy.


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