Choices – Stories You Play: A Courtesan of Rome Ch 7 (With Diamonds!!) – Rome Video

published: 2018-12-20 11:39:10

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Meh the plot is so stale. Like seriously would does MC think she is speaking out of turn in the middle of the senate. Also, I knew Syphax was going to be sentenced to the arena.
The only good thing about this chapter was the scene with Sabina. Am I the only one who thinks Aquila is her husband?

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  1. I think Aquila is Sabina's husband too!

  2. 1. Aquila is Sabina's husband. I will kill him and free Sabina ?.
    2. I didn't know that random soldiers were allowed to speak in the Senate. That was so dumb.
    3. Wednesday is all about ILB. ACoR is a big joke.


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