TYRANNICAL DIONYSIUS! Total War ROME II: Rise of the Republic: Syracuse Campaign Gameplay #3 – Rome Video

published: 2018-08-08 14:00:02

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  1. First…been waiting for this. Cheers Simpzy! 😀

  2. you can do a coop campaign again on Total war

  3. hi Simp ! Greetings from hot warm Poland

  4. I like the fact that you are doing a faction other than Rome, which gets old after a while.

  5. to get yourself more subscribers, I would suggest that you keep off camera actions to a minimum unless it's something like just moving troops etc. but we want to see you build the armies and fight.

  6. That was a tough fight, well done.

  7. Auto resolve…. seriously? Why do they give you auto resolve players free copies? The entire point is for you to play the game.🙄

  8. Oooh you own 75% of the island I can't wait to see what your intentions are after conquering the entire island. Perhaps down to Carthage or the Corsica islands, no, do Carthage first please.

  9. Send your spy up the Italian coast to find factions to trade with

  10. The auto-resolve is such a broken fucking mechanic. How hard can it be to recalculate it so it's only used for battles not worth fighting manually? CA keeps fucking around with the family tree and campaign map instead of fixing the most broken things like diplomacy and auto-resolve…

  11. Hey man, me again. As a fellow history guy and fellow YouTuber, I'd love for you to check out my small History channel. It's called The History Armada. Cheers! Keep up the great work!

  12. Carthage begins the game with a city in sardignia, Karalis

  13. Don't use pause in battles man


  15. I have an idea (if you're willing to listen): go and capture Sardinia. This will increase your territory without dragging you into a huge war (and would also be more interesting IMO)

  16. 39:30 in fact "a" in greek is for the negative form

  17. In case you didn’t know, if you lose an army, you can “reinstate legacy” which basically remakes that army you lost but you keep any upgrades.

    For example if Dionysius’ army “The Ravaging Chimera’s” is destroyed or disbanded while at level 5, reinstating the legacy will remake that army but it will be at level 5 and still have any perks you gave it. You, of course, will have to retrain the unit’s in the army. The same works with navies.

  18. Besieging armies will gain attrition after each turn due to skirmishes. The besieged will also gain attrition (and at a drastically increased rate compared to the attacking army) UNLESS it is a port city. In order to cause attritional losses to a port city, the city must be besieged on land AND blockaded by sea.

    However if the tech tree in Rise of the Republic has a siege section similar to other campaigns, then technologies can reduce the amount of attrition received when besieging or under siege. There is also a technology that makes besieging (attacking) armies IMMUNE to the attrition received while besieging.

    Hopefully all of that made sense. Long live the Tyrannos!

  19. Personally I would recommend using slinger and peltasts instead of the archers (unless you’re somehow able to get Mercenary Cretan archers). In my Syracuse Grand Campaign my army consists of 2-3 slingers (preferably Mercenary balearic slingers if you can get them) and 3-4 light peltasts. Don’t underestimate the idea of flinging rocks at enemies. They have an insane rate of fire, a high range, and WRECK enemies when firing from behind. Peltasts of course throw javelins which will melt through enemy shields and army. They’re even better when hitting from the right, unshielded flank or from behind.

    From my experience, the generic archers just don’t pay off.

  20. I am enjoying this series and would like to see more of this type of content. Please go into custom battle and show the units for the factions!


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