Rise Of The Republic Campaign! ROME – Total War Rome 2 Gameplay #2 – Rome Video

published: 2018-08-07 14:00:03

Rise Of The Republic is the latest Total War Rome 2 dlc focused around the Rise Of Rome in a brand new campaign pack. We will be playing as Rome in this campaign and try and take over the map. If you guys are enjoying this be sure to drop a like and comment below!


The year is 399 BC, and Rome is poised for greatness. However, its very existence balances on a knife-edge.

The Gallic Senones tribe, led by chieftain Brennus, are newly settled in eastern Italy. Ambitious and fierce, they are but a javelin-throw from the nascent republic.

The tyrannical Dionysius rules Syracuse with an iron fist. He leads the war against Carthage, but his eyes range across the Mediterranean as he considers future conquests.

Under the guiding hand of the great philosopher-statesman Archytas, Taras in southern Italy is reaching the zenith of its glory and power. Rome’s meteoric rise is cause for concern, to be sure – perhaps an intervention is merited?

Meanwhile, Marcus Furius Camillus seeks the title and powers of Dictator. His vision for Rome is grand indeed, but can it survive the designs of the young republic’s neighbours?

A crossroads in history: a time of threat – and of opportunity.

A time for the republic to rise.

Check out the dlc here

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  1. We are back with another episode of the rise of the republic dlc. This episode I run in to a bunch of bugs and get just a little triggered haha If you enjoyed then be sure to drop a like and comment below. Also if you wanna help support the channel and get a cool banner next to your comment then hit that join button above!

  2. Jackie, if u're fighting transport ships with a proper navy, ram them. That will 1-hit kill them

  3. This is a really hard campaign, but that makes it really entertaining

  4. Pretty sure many factions won't accept trade deals as you are not producing any goods. Pretty sure you're only importing wine so maybe conquer some cities with good products?

  5. Yay!! So glad you made another!! Keep em coming!!

  6. Don't feel bad about losing a lot of men in this battle; Lionheart did the same.

  7. Could you please do a rise of mordor dor amroth last stand that would be really cool, also I'm so glad to see your channel is growing I've been watching since you were at 50k wich was only a year ago and you've doubled in subs since then! Keep up the good work Jackie!!!

  8. I would assume the difficulty level has a bit to do with your inability to make friends too easily. You probably need to have a higher favorability rating with them; try bribing them.

  9. this guy is a whining pussy he never stops complaining

  10. i just have one question.are those walls really imersive for that time period?
    those are some big ass walls,looks almost medieval

  11. I think trade depends on resources. Since you don't have any resources, no one wants to trade…

  12. I like that they added the ships landing and going back out to sea but that mechanic still needs a lot of work obviously. I watched another YTer (I think PartyElite) with the exact same issue of them not knowing what to do when they get funneled into the harbor. I was almost like watching a replay right now. Anyways keep this campaign coming!

  13. haha…Love the episodes JF! Thought it was funny you were like "these mercs suck see how fast they die…" meanwhile your slingers are hurling rocks at the back of their heads! HAHAHA
    Keep up the content bro. Lovin it!

  14. Once a party is in minus loyalty and your no longer protected you have a chance of civil war breaking out. The lower their loyalty e higher chance of civil war breaking out. You need to keep an eye on your political parties and make sure they don't get too low loyalty. You can secure the parties loyalty in the politics tab, click the party that's got low loyalty and click the secure loyalty button, it'll improve relations by 10 but you can only do it once every 5 turns per political party.

  15. jesus in that first seige you lost 600+ men to just the towers,i hate the towers in seiges it makes no sense why they are so effective

  16. “high chance of civil war”

    “Well I should secure some promotions, further annoying the other parties!”

    Not making fun of you or anything Jackie, just thought it was funny is all.

  17. Hi gus am new in this game and youtube show my massive battel total war rome 2

  18. 48:20 "…probably don't wanna marry my one new 11 years old daughter to him quite yet, right." Your famous last words!

  19. There is way to use people from family tree for for diplomacy and other things along that line


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