Imperator: Rome – My thoughts on Dev Diary #11 – Unit Abilities – How does the Phalanx work? – Rome Video

published: 2018-08-06 19:25:26

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  1. Some interesting some just seem to be a point dump. I really hope that it is combat movement speed, otherwise it would be just a micromanagement hell, or at least let it be that it is a toggle where it switches into it when near an enemy to use it to max efficiency

  2. I think passes in alps used by Hannibal will just have like a lot of attrition so yeah you can go through them but it will cost you a lot of manpower.
    (Sorry for my shitty english)

  3. Lambert, I’m unsure but I believe the shattered retreat may only give your army the ability to shattered retreat from a losing battle. Again unsure of this but it would make more sense and be less exploity. 😀

  4. Loyal means it is loyal to the commander not YOU,in Rome 1 loyal unit's upkeep is paid by the commander and they WILL turn aganist you if he revolts.

  5. so basically stack up 1000 mil points then colonize the pontic steppe, okay


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