POPs: The Wrong Direction? — Imperator: Rome — Dev Diary #5 – Rome Video

published: 2018-06-26 15:06:38

In this dev diary, Johan discusses Imperator: Rome’s population mechanics and the system of promotion of pops from one class to another. There’s been a lot of discussion regarding the system on Reddit and elsewhere, and I want your thoughts on what you think about the system.

Dev diary at Paradox plaza: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/imperator-development-diary-5-25th-of-june-2018.1107368/

Dev diary discussion on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Imperator/comments/8tnqe4/imperator_development_diary_5_25th_of_june_2018/

Victoria II-style pops discussion on Reddit:

I don’t want Vic2 style pops from Imperator


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  1. We will probably know a lot more about the game when it finally releases, as of now I feel no opinion towards it.

  2. I hope it will be viable to play as the "barbarian" factions

  3. I think it's too early to make any assumptions. I'm going to wait until the first gameplay vids starts coming out.

  4. Massive rant below. Don't say I didn't worn you.

    I hate mana based games, I do not touch them. EU4 for example, have not bought it and will not, I preferred EU3, and still play it on occasion. EU:Rome was great and I hope that this is going to be like it, but the way Paradox has been going with their games, I am see more and more mana based games coming out from Paradox Studios, and I don't buy them. I would love to see a Vicy 3, as long as it does not have a mana system, but the way Paradox is going we either will not see Vicy 3, or we will in a few years but not as good as Vicy 2 and more than likely with a mana system. Stellaris was a game I would have gotten if, they didn't make hyperlanes the only way to travel in the early game, didn't have a mana system(it is not as big as EU4 but still), and made pop management better. Don't get me wrong hyperlanes are a great for your older games, like Orion and the Space Empires games, but come on we are in a time were hyperlanes are just boring and makes it feel like a re skin, if you want strategy and choke points in space, you got asteroid fields, nebulae, black holes, white holes, super giant stars, rogue planetoids, and so much more.

  5. Johan why… He said it… He implied that "legacy", or the precedent set by a prior game is more important than making the game better. If they keep developing the game with that mindset it will be a train wreck.

  6. They should change this instant promotion to a process like culture conversion in eu4 it would be at least more credible. Also they could make something like focuses in vic 2 : enacting temporar buffs so pops will automatically change to other classes. The most WTF moment in a mana system is when you acumulate some mana and in a game tick you can make drastic changes.

  7. I want pop like Vicki2!

    I understand what the commentary on Reddit say about vick, the problem is understand what is happening with bad tooltips, but the quality of tooltips increase a lot in the last paradox games and if vick have great tooltips you can understand better how the things interact.

    But have a sistem based in influence things instead of use Mana to make drastically changes in a short time like a month tick in EU4 fell like a dumb simulation, games like Vicki2 and CK2 are so pleasant for me because the simulation make me feel in a position of leadership not in a position where I can change my country expanding my admin power becouse I don't have a better place to depend.

    The pool of soldiers of Vicki2 are great tool, I don't like telhe way the pool interact with the soldiers but I like the way you drain the pool influence the economy of my nation, this kind of decision make wars more strategic and when I play I try to finish wars quickly. In EU4 the way the manpower pool work feel like a resource limitation interested of a strategic use of the resource.

    Johan create EU4 and he believes in direct control of the players to change the world (know as Mana), and I expect the game go in this direction and I'm not surprised by the way the game is growing.

  8. Ppl think it's gonna work only by using mana 'cause Paradox said themselves that they are going away from indirect longterm influence to direct instant influence by clicking and using mana. To me it sounds like it's gonna be new more EU4 style game. I totally agree with you on victoria 2 pops but i think it needed some work. New players that haven't played paradox game rarely know what to do with their pops. Vic 2 isn't a chore at all. When i play EU4 i can only play 1h at the time and i loose interest but then i play Vic2 if i could i would do every game from start to finish in one go.


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