Imperator: Rome – Performance, Optimization, Multi-threading and 64 bit – Rome Video

published: 2018-06-10 22:02:07

Lost of threads on performance, optimization, multi-threading and 64 bit concerns have been popping up lately and there have been some responses by the devs about it all. So I put together this video talking about it and explaining a bit about why you probably shouldn’t be worried.

Reddit thread:
Johan’s Specs and comparison:
Johan’s tweet:


Watch the original Rome Video here

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  1. Tomorrow I'll be talking about the dev diary, and probably wont be sleeping much to do it. So if it turns out terrible I'm preemptively sorry about that, but I tend to be a night owl by nature so hopefully it wont be too bad!

  2. i hope they understand . i felt sick trying to make some understand in the forum . all use the fact that they have bad PCs to blame the game . all of the them speak about lags i have never faced .

    about provinces hoi3 had some 9800 provinces and hoi4 i think less but in hoi those provinces are no more than a battlefield zone used to see how the warmap change .
    you also can use them only for railways and bunkers but for industry etc you built on whole state ( like 8/8 factories in bavaria germany ) .
    in imperator those 7000 look different , each city might be alive with possiblities of building walls and things in them and each one will have pops etc so i think technically imperator will have the bigger and most detailled map with usable cities and not just a colored field to be recolored by enemy forces each time they step on it .

  3. The main drawback on running 32 bit binaries is that you have usually only 2-3 gigs of RAM to use (1-2 gigs from the memory space is usually reserved for operating system). Another major drawback is that your operating system needs 32 bit compatibility libraries to be able to run any 32 bit software. For me 32 bit support also means old code base as new code can easily been made to work in 64 bit system, but any old code may need a few tweaks. This said, I do frown any code that is forced to run on 32 bit – mostly because of it means that the code isn't as portable nor future proof as it could be.

  4. if i were you i would become the de facto imperator channel, seems like the first source of success for you

  5. Great video, mate. You know your shit.


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