Imperator Rome – Dev Diary #2 – Province Density and Why One Start Date – Rome Video

published: 2018-06-04 21:30:01

Last time we discussed the vision for the game, this week it’s about province density and why 450 auc

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Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire from the University of Lund;

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  1. This map is looking extremely exciting. The possibilities are endless 😍

  2. 2…….23 ? That looks so darn intimidating for the map in general, this ……. This is so big we could almost fit Napoleon 's ego in it

  3. The only thing that bothers me for years at Paradox games is the fact that the biggest army usually wins. There are times in EU IV where I won with a 8k stack vs a 16k but those times are rare. I wish the made made tacticts more important in game. Like a army with 5 tactics would crush another with 1 even outnumbered 2 to 1.

  4. If you make battles like in total war series it will be the bests strategy games ever

  5. Johan made a statement that:

    "While hopefully make an INSANE amount of dlc for this project, adding a new startdate is not gonna happen ."

    So forget about Alexander the Great.

  6. Didn't Sicily in specific make sense with that many provinces tho given how important and populous it is in that time period, so would it be a relatively bad example for scale bc of that as it would have a greater provide density? Or am I over thinking this?

  7. So basically you have no clue if China will be involved.

  8. Those are some really small provinces and there seems to be a lot of cities per province. I dare say It’ll be quite a feat to conquer Gaul, even for the great Julius Caesar.


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