Imperator: Rome News – Reddit AMA | Some Gameplay Surfaced (linked) | New Interview (linked) – Rome Video

published: 2018-05-23 07:23:21

Lots of news for Imperator: Rome today and it sounds like more is coming tomorrow. Seriously go check out those videos I mention, there both great!

Reddit AMA:
Map zoom and character models:
Johans interview:


Watch the original Rome Video here

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  1. The loyalty system works the way it woked in EU Rome: If you assign a dude with, for example, 15 martial and he goes around winning many battles, his man/the units are going to see how good he is and start to like him, eventually pledging loyalty to him.

    The loyalty system can NOT work with the mercenary units, only with the regular ones.

    But again, it's all subject to change so I imagine, in the future, that your mercenaries can become loyal to you if, for example, they were hired for 15-20 years and you never run out of funds to pay them.


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