The Seven Kings of Ancient Rome explained in Seven Minutes – Rome Video

published: 2018-03-13 05:28:07

The Seven Kings of Ancient Rome explained in Seven Minutes
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History documentary on the Kings of ancient Rome from Romulus to Tarquin the proud and the birth of the Roman Republic. An educational video to learn ancient Roman history for kids or anyone else. learn all Roman kings in minutes. Timeline of Roman kings.

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  1. I learned more in this 7 minutes about the kings then the 3 months I lived in Italy!! Good video!

  2. I tried a different style of drawing in this video, hope you guys like it 🙂
    If you like this video a lot a book I would recommend is the Chronicle of the Roman Republic (Philip Matyszak) I used that as the main source for this video.

  3. This channel is so underrated with so many potential. I love how you cover the forgotten and untold histories

  4. Nice one! No wonder the Romans were so aggressive on the world stage – they were constantly struggling with everyone around them. Throwing out the last king was just the beginning. The conquest of the Latin League, the sacking of Rome by the Gauls, the fight against the Samnites and then Magna Grecia, Pyrrhus, the Carthaginians, Hannibal, and then the path to Sulla, Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, Augustus – civil wars – whew out of breath.

  5. If your name is Brutus, there is a 100% chance of you ending a tyrant's rule


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