Total War Rome 2 – Desert Kingdoms DLC – Kush Faction Overview – Rome Video

published: 2018-03-06 15:42:25

Total War Rome 2 – Desert Kingdoms DLC – Kush Faction Overview

Let’s take an early look at the Kush Faction. Enjoy!


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The Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack introduces four new playable factions to Total War: ROME II. The Kingdoms of Kush, Saba and Nabatea fall under the African/Arabian subculture, while the Masaesyli are of Numidian origin.

Total War Rome 2 makes a great way to visualize this imaginary match up of dangerous factions of ancient times. Total War Rome 2 offers players the chance to pit ancient empires in combat against each other in epic battles. Enjoy!

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  1. I have seen tons of people mad at this DLC and a lot who are excited. Feel free to state opinions but please don't belittle those you don't agree with.

    Would I buy this DLC? Yes. I buy all TW DLC because I always just want to try it out. So I show this in order for you to make a decision. You don't have to be like me 🙂

    I think CA is making these DLC for two reasons:
    1) Rome 2 is still very popular

    2) People did some major whining that Warhammer fantasy took over and there was not enough historical content. So CA started churning it out.

    Just my thoughts. Units were cool and fun to play. Still wish they would fix AI and some bugs.

  2. I cant wait and hope to see if assembly add more to shogun 2 and revive it?

  3. Anyone else disappointed where not getting Victoria totalwar?

  4. this DLC is cool, dont agree with Arch's disagreements with it. The factions are cool, different and dont get much exposure so am excited to learn about them and have fun playing them. Either way its new content for which is always welcome.

  5. I hate commenting on videos about other playthroughs and all that, but… Eh. Is the Karl Franz Mortal Empires playthrough over? I'm really into it, so I hope not. Karl Franz is my favorite character!

  6. They forgot to give Kush the Kushite Shieldwomen unit that were already included in the Egyptian roster after the Daughters of Mars DLC.
    On a side note, I am interested if any of these factions are available to play as in the Empire Divided Campaign. Kush and Saba were still alive during this period although it would make more sense to have Aksum and Himyar playable in this timeline (as they were emerging and soon to become powerful factions in this time frame) while Kush should be playable in the Imperator Augustus campaign since this is the period when they were the most active and strong (they raided Egypt and they battled with Rome). Additionally, the Masaesyli and/or Massylii are a must have faction in the Hannibal at the Gates campaign because they played an important role in the Punic Wars.

  7. It's not desciples it is disciples.

  8. rome 1 and 2 are the best total war games. on this there can be no debate.

  9. Heir you left fire at will on the top unit. It was picking off legionaries from the fight next to it. Made the unit going 2 v 1 look better than it was.

  10. kushite pike phalanx? lol. only greek do a pike at this time in history.

  11. My problem is the quality of this DLC, and the pricing when it's for an almost 5 year old game. You'd think that they learned their lesson, but here we are another "culture" pack and its main feature is what, woman can be generals?
    And yeah, it will break a mod that already gives me those factions and are probably way more fleshed out in the mod. The DEI team will fix it withing the week, because they're cool like that, but still.
    Those are my two cents.

  12. Is this the ancient Egypt mod in a way ? It looks very neat . I love Rome 2 more than the rest . I might buy it .

  13. icant wait to play these armies, great video heir!!!

  14. I beg to differ, things like this DLC release are the kind of BS that you cant simply overlook or "play it cool, if you disagree let other people enjoy it". When a greedy ass game publisher/developer does this and profit from the sales it means they are gonna keep doing. You are a total war youtuber, of course you would check it and play it. But i think you should've being more responsible and bash the shit out of CA for this (just be politically correct and at least say something like "this wasmt CA brightest idea"). Its a SUPER outdated game, it is merely a FACTION CULTURAL PACK, they are charging as much as the DLC from the new games. I think this is the same as totalbiscuit policy of "guys, dont preorder". When a bunch of people do it CA gets away with this kind of abuse, and it makes it worse for ALL the player that buy their games.

  15. That's some dank kush right there

  16. Could u make one of these for all the factions?


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