THE BARBARIAN BLITZKRIEG! | ROME II – Empire Divided (Marcomanni) #12 – Rome Video

published: 2017-12-02 07:02:51

This is a campaign let’s play for the German tribe of the Marcomanni led by King Burkhard. We’re playing the Empire Divided DLC, based on the Crisis of the Third Century. Witness us rise to power as a minor tribe takes on the fragmented Roman Empire! Below you’re going to find a playlist for every episode! It’s time to talk about lore and conquer!
Total War: ROME II – Empire Divided Information!

►A new grand-scale Campaign Pack for Total War: ROME II
►Plunges players into the crisis of the third century, a critical turning-point for Rome
►Play as one of ten different factions across five cultural groups
►New Heroic Factions with elaborate victory conditions, famous leaders and crafted event-chains
►New period-specific events, dilemmas and missions
►New Campaign features: Plagues, Cults and Banditry
►Restructured technologies and unique new buildings

The year is 270 AD. A string of inept emperors and usurpers vying for power has led the Roman Empire into near-total economic collapse. This is its gravest crisis yet.

Eager to capitalise on Rome’s instability, barbarian tribes gather like a storm on the borders, to plunder the riches of civilisation.

To the east, the Sassanids set out on a grand conquest that culminates with an assault against Roman lands. They are held back only by a staunch defence led by Palmyra. Queen Zenobia holds fast – but for how long?

The once-glorious legions are forced to assume a defensive posture as their strength wanes; time is not on Rome’s side. However, there is yet hope. Aurelian stands ready to take the reins in Rome, though the task he faces seems insurmountable…

Will you unite an Empire Divided, and return Rome to its former glory? Or will you become the arbiter of its final downfall?

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  1. Yes destroy gallic rome and feead them to the dogs

  2. Looks like the scourge of the gods have come early.

  3. You should have a legion called Burkhard's Hammer. 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  4. Playing like a true German, blitzkrieging everyone including their women

  5. Are there more kill animations? and if so how many…. otherwise it seems like a reskin

  6. I love when surreal explains what is his strategy and if something turned out the way he wanted it to its so funny great video surrealbeliefs


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